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Monday, May 12, 2014

Is Secularism Possible?

Secularism is a hotly debated topic especially in the ongoing election season – the biggest festival of democracy. Everywhere, every now and then in news channels, Internet, etc. everyone talks of being secular. The Constitution of India, 1950 declares India a secular nation i.e. no religion would be discriminated in the eyes of the country. They never thought of people who constitute a country that they would accept secularism or not. But before all these statements the million dollar question is that Is Secularism possible in practical terms?  How could a committed idiot, I meant religious person can accepts dissimilarity, contradictions and conflicting ideas in other religions in comparison with his/her religion? Although, if a person who accepts the existence of God can accept anything irrational but still in a place like India where people don’t have a personal identity and are recognized by their religion, isn’t that an ego hurting thing to be accepted. If someone says he/she is secular, then can he leave his/her religion and start following others and keep on changing it. Can any true idiot (theist) as per his religion accept another idiot as his brother, despite knowing that his religion regards him as evil?
         Religion is a proud statement for these idiots. But, it is not their fault also – past rulers, politicians, govt. has not left anything for them to be proud of. So, they are proud of their religious achievements, recognize the success of a person of his religion as his own success and at last hope that praising God and following religion will give them a comfortable life after death.
        Who will tell those idiots that ‘believe in creating history, not in admiring it’! But in all these so called secularity, is there any tolerance to Atheism. Why the major focus is the religious population. Had 330 million + 1+1+1+1+1 +infinite no. of so called gods have overshadowed us? What about the so called secular constitution of India, 1950. Is that made for only religious people? When there are groups of people praising God in streets and condemning atheists, the law feels no problem with that but if a single person condemns a religion then law will require any time to go against him/her. In the govt. surveys too, there is no option for atheist. Is that justice? All the religions are against each other’s ideologies, customs, beliefs, rituals etc. but when it comes to the topic Atheism, all go against it and law doesn’t do anything? Is that justice? There are many poor people who have lost their shelter because their location coincides with the location of multipurpose projects that are to be constructed in future but when any govt. project comes in place of a religious or holy place, then hundreds of thousands of people would come in the streets protesting the government. They get tax exemptions for building and maintaining a religious trust. What welfare of the country are they doing by using the money for religious purpose so that they would be given tax exemptions? Till when we will continue to suffer for justice. Are they telling us that if we have to live in India, or fly off to any other country? We atheists are promoting scientific temper for free never demanded of these benefits from the govt. because we know that it is our moral and fundamental duty to do so. As India is a secular nation, Indian govt. would never try to raise a helping hand for the promotion of rationalists and free thought organizations because they treat every religion equally but when it comes to atheism they turn a blind eye to it.
    ' Law must be respected, but before that law must be respectable'. If the law neglects atheists, then how can they expect atheists to have a respect for such laws? One thing is crystal clear that secularism hasn’t meant for atheism and also that it can’t be followed whether it is the law or the citizens. There can only be pseudo-secularism.  But I can assure that we atheists would be secular in our approach. We will condemn every religion ‘equally’ with reasons until the people would become Indian not any follower of a particular religion.

Need for a homogeneous atheist nation
A homogeneous society and an atheist nation is a key for India’s brotherhood, prosperity and development. A heterogeneous society has always created a kiosk for any country. Ethnic and cultural diversity has always imposed a problem on the country economic, prosperity, development and security point of view. There is always a fight among the communities for their supremacy which is highly conflicting and often results in clashes. About half of the government’s focus is on controlling such conflicts. There is always a terror of separatists who are demanding separate nation for their own communities. Ethnic and cultural diversity is not a thing to be proud of; it is always a problem for a country. In a diverse nation especially religiously diverse, there can’t be unity among the people. There is no place for India for these people, they are all bothered about how to get rid of other communities from the country or converting them to their religion and establish their supremacy. After that also, they will not stop and create a divide amongst themselves and continue to fight. In this case, how can a nation prosper? A homogeneous society has many advantages. There is more unity in national affairs. People would be more nation-oriented than community oriented. There would be more brotherhood. For people, the nation would be supreme. No unnecessary religious expenses. No conflicts among people on grounds of religion. Everyone would have the same identity- Indian, Human and Atheist.
    We have lost Sir Narendra Dabholkar for his efforts in eradicating superstition and enacting of the Maharashtra anti superstition bill. Salman Rushdie had to leave his own country due to the threats by religious leaders for his book The Satanic Verses and many more true rationalists who hadn’t thought what would be the consequences and have fought for the truth.
     Atheism is lacked behind because we are not the vote banks. We couldn’t be pleased with a political party until we are convinced with their performances. Whenever there is a conflict in the nation on religious matter, whenever there is discrimination against atheists, we atheists keep silence and start adjusting with the situation. This is our fault.
       It is obvious that laws couldn’t accept both theism and atheism as they are totally opposite terms. So, one must be chosen between theism and atheism. There is an urgent need for a debate in front of the law. Atheists are ready for it 24 x 7, not in a violent form, but what we are good at: by reasoning and through experiments, through their own scriptures, showing them their reality.

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  1. these thoughts are very good. very powerful statements for India prosperity. Can we not say that secular means atheist?