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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Quotes on Atheism


  1. 1.Every bad thing&situation comes from devil , believers belief then, is there any devil? or not !
    2. who made conscience?
    3.Who made earth, water, air,fire, space oceans, hills,birds,trees,human beings.
    4.If there is no God then who is controlling all the natural activities?
    5.You are in a better position because your father&mother are intelligent,wise,good nature& hard working persons.
    Think about that.
    4. how can you say that you are in better position because you are an athist .

    1. 1.If your god is the most powerful then why he can't control devils
      2. Conscience is not made it has to be developed as it is an ability of our mind to analyze the facts and come to a moral decision
      3.Creation of earth,water and other natural things is not a matter of concern, but if you say that everything has a creator then God also has a creator then this creator also has a creator and so on.... There would be no end to the series. The matter of concern is that you are here to give the maximum to the whole nation and humanity
      4. Natural activities have a process. Nowadays weather modification techniques have been also developed. IT means who are operating there are god because they are controlling natural activites.
      5.I am not saying that I am in a better position b'coz I am an atheist, I have said that despite being an atheist i and many others like me are in a better condition and it is written in the religious scriptures that atheists would suffer and believers would benefit.

  2. you say that earth,water, air etc are natural then what's about are saying that conscience is not made it has to be developed , it's means conscience has no creator . so in that way we could say that God has no creator , God is honored by believers.

    1. If you say that your God don't have a creator then why are you theists bothering about man's creator and life after death.
      Conscience is an ability of mind is your god is the creation of a coward, stupid, insecure and greedy mind

    2. If somebody says that god is in my mind,sole&spirit then what will you say about it?

    3. Then as mentioned above that god would be a controlled imaginative puppet.
      secondly, that person would not regard that god as a creator.
      thirdly that person would be nothing more than one with a damaged brain

    4. It's means your conscience is also a imagination only.
      If conscience is then God is too.
      How will you accept that there is God?

    5. When it would be proved that at present we are living in jupiter not earth.

  3. When man meet God ,both were exclaimed seeing one other's creater