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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Marketing Divinity

The timeline of history of advanced marketing techniques are so old that they are far from our imagination. You might have seen TV advertisements which claim that you would get rid of hair loss etc. by using so and so products. But in the case of religions they claim that you would get rid of all the problems by using their products that is their holy, sacred, glorious texts. Another interesting claim made by them is “Complete Knowledge in a Single Book”. They claim of complete knowledge but in the beginning only it lacks in Disclaimer ‘The religion is not responsible for any inconvenience, death, injury or loss caused by following the path of any verse of the book’. The second is ‘Terms & Conditions Applied’. For example- It is written in almost every religious text that faith in God would lead you to a prosperous life. But the terms and conditions are not mentioned that you must be a member of a wealthy family or you must have a brilliant brain or you must indulge in criminal activities to live a prosperous life.
      Religious companies are run by religious officials. The CEO of the religious company is highly responsible for increasing company’s yearly turnover and subscriptions. These posts are often lifelong. Many religious companies make their icon product i.e. texts available for free or in subsidized form. For doing so they have reasons. It somehow ensures consumers relation with the company. The company wouldn’t mind that because they have huge amount of capital and it is a kind of deception and a marketing technique. Capital used for subsidies can be recovered easily by other schemes. Although these books are rarely read by any consumer but they still have it because it is the trend of the majority.
       These companies have their own USPs (Unique Selling Policy). Some of them come up schemes such as “Pay to the company and you would get the blessings for prosperity”, “Pay to the company and you would get benefits in the heaven/life after death”. They also come up with plans for shorter validity,”Pay to the company and you would get the benefits for the whole day”. These are innovative people, they often bring something new. Their act of propaganda is a great source of inspiration because if we get to learn something from the worst of the creatures we must learn it.
       Very minute part of the capital is used for creating new offices in new locations and maintenance. The rest of the capital is distributed among the company officials. You can’t imagine the turnovers. If calculated Bill Gates and Carlos Slim Helu stand nowhere. Just imagine our country if these companies are listed in the National Stock Exchange, India would be the world’s largest economy.
       Influenced by them, many new companies are opened in the various places in the whole world. For example – one of the newest among them is Kopimism. In the world of technology, this company has come up with a new idea that sharing information is a sacred virtue. They worship Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V as their sacred symbols. This company has a great upcoming future but it would be tough for them to compete with other old ones because it doesn’t have such attractive schemes.
        The future is set for these companies until the people realize what is truth, what is he importance of conscience and rationality.


  1. these companies owners are very smart and clever economist. aren't they

    1. If it is so, then Pablo Escabar, Joaqlin Guzman Loera and Dawood Ibrahim Kaskar are the greatest and smartest persons of the millenium