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Saturday, February 8, 2014


People say that Atheists are egoist. Due to their ego they don’t believe in God and criticize them. I say that those who are egoist could not be termed as atheists because both of these are completely opposite terms because for an egoist, he itself is the most superior in the universe, he considers himself as God. It means that he believes in the existence of God, then how can he be called an atheist.
It is a person’s inferior mentality to believe that faith in a higher authority makes them down to earth. To have faith and devotion towards an imaginary identity is nothing but self suppression. It is a betrayal by a person against his capabilities and his conscious.
  Religious belief is nothing but an irrelevant reason for prejudice and discrimination through which people doesn’t get united but actually they get fragmented into categories and subcategories. Religion just makes a person dependent and fragile. It is indeed correct to call them fragile because it is only they who cry when they cannot bare the logical reasons put forward by atheists. Can’t their religion help them out to tolerate our comments or reply correctly (which is not possible?) If theists ‘think’ (sorry, something went wrong), if theists ‘believe’ that their so-called holy, sacred, glorious scriptures are perfect und unobjectionable, then they must come forward and solve the dispute because they would have reasons for our question.
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 When any bad thing happens, people don’t blame their Gods. So why don’t they accuse themselves for blasphemy because it is written in their scriptures that everything happens according to their God. What happens to their religious feelings at that time?
Despite knowing just a fraction about their religion, majority of theists are ready to give up their lives for their God and to save their religion. When they say that they are fighting for their God, isn’t that Blasphemy because it is written in their scriptures about their God’s aseity.
  When they walk on the streets, isn’t that blasphemy as they are walking over their God because God is omnipresent according to them and their scriptures.
  Isn’t that blasphemy by them to accept scientific facts in reality because it is against their God and their scriptures?
  Isn’t that blasphemy for them to take medical help at the time of danger to life instead of praying because it would be a sign for underestimation of God’s splendor?
  When they give offerings to their God, isn’t that blasphemy because their God is self sufficient, according to their scriptures.
  When they say about their God’s omniscience, then isn’t that blasphemy because when anything bad is about to happen, their God know it prior, but still he do nothing which becomes a question for his holiness and his separation from sin.
  When it comes to them, it is not blasphemy but when it comes to us it is.
  When they, their God, and religion can’t tolerate our righteous views, it is their problem, we can’t do anything. Why don’t they ask their so-called most powerful almighty to give them the power to overrule our objections instead of crying?

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  1. May God bless you and give you good wisdom and knowledge about himself.Amen