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Sunday, January 5, 2014

The Indian God Factory

Gods and religion play the most superior role in the lives of the majority of the people of India. It is not important that the God have to be historical or have to be mentioned in the scriptures of an ‘established’ religion. A god could be anyone, could be created at any time, any place without reason but there would be no discount in the amount of dedication and worship. Therefore it was never clear especially in India what is/are God and religions means actually. Let me clear it for you
       Religion(s)is/ are the set of ideologies used by the group of people to promote their irrelevant laws, culture, prejudices, self benefits, aims etc. or it is an inappropriate reason used by inferiors, fragile-minded, foolish, weak people to escape from truth and by the needy as a hope. God is a mascot for religions to increase the popularity of religions.
      When people follow God, the so-called superior, they do not worship actually. They use it as a means of hiding their cowardice. In other words, the people who don’t dare to face the realities of world and escape from it are religious and God fearing.
But from where and how these religions and Gods are generated? Let us understand the evolution of religions. It was the tendency of humans that when they didn’t knew what to do and they didn’t found out anyone or anything which could satisfy their questions and curiosity, they started believing that there is/are superior & everything happens according to him/her. But those idiots never realized the true potential of the human beings and started co-relating failures to many irrelevant principles and stories to hide their foolishness. All these ended and gave rise to religion(s) and God their mascot. The second possible case- Like Chanakya mentioned in his Arthashastra i.e. to portray someone miraculous so that the enemy’s soldiers resist to participate in the war due to fear. Many of the Gods could have been created by this method. The third case – Earlier societies were autocratic, it means that there was no right to speech, expression etc. It means that the kings could have forced the writers of that time to write extraordinary for them which after many generations portray them as God.
 This God factory runs on the tendency, unnecessary need and idiotic selfish supports of those whom I call as kafirs, the ‘non- believers’ of the truth. Those who are/were intelligent rejected God, religion and the ideologies and focused on what is right – right according to the conscience. This factory can only be stopped by these people. The responsibility lies with them. The future of India lies with them!

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