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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

God fear and Theism : Threats to the nation

Religion is something through which people are segregated among their brothers. It is the religion through which the people perceive their identity. This identity is kept as high that the value of nation for a citizen diminishes. Indians follow a ‘federal’ structure of worship or in other words the fear of God ranges at different levels. Let us see how-
  The centre belongs to the established religions and Gods. There are six major religions in India. The lower tiers are generally the claimed reincarnation of Gods but there are still independent candidates sorry Gods.
  Then comes the second tier – The miraculous self proclaimed godmans. These are of two types – the first category includes the urban ones. They are often telecasted on news channels, advertisements, may have official websites and definitely have bank accounts through which they earn millions through donations. These have overseas connections too. The second category is of the rural people. These are of maniac kinds and publicity seekers. These are always found doing silly acts or claim to do such as walking on coals, producing sacred ash from thin air, exploding stones with "mental power," levitating, or turning water into blood, psychic surgery, inexhaustible oil lamps, materialization of holy ash, and pyrokinesis, reading the serial numbers from currency in sealed envelopes, materializing objects, predicting future events, converting liquids from one kind to another, and walking on water, Convert wine into blood. Move or bend a solid object using psychokinetic power, Disappear from the negative when photographed etc. the lists keep on growing up. These self proclaim Gods claim that they have miraculous powers and it is due to which they are able to carry out those acts. They also claim to heal people. They have a less turnover as compared to the urban people. Although they are cheaters but one thing is for sure that they are good entertainers. Their acts are fascinating. But I have pity over these people. They are just like the majority of the India’s upcoming generation – don’t know how to build up their career. They could have tried and get a job in a circus. These people are generally confined to a village but may expand their business to other villages too. These are innovative Gods; every now and then they keep on increasing their miracles for their publicity stunts.
  But there is still one more category of God fear and finance I still left. In India how can we miss out statues that drink milk or something like that? Devotees’ turnout in huge numbers and the opportunists keep on extracting funds on behalf of the statues. Sometimes the opportunities show the God fear by conducting acts which the devotees believe to be inauspicious and then they extract money to get a solution of it. There is a provision in The Indian Penal Code in section 508 for acts related to Divine Displeasure but it gets nullified in front of the hampering religious feelings according to IPC 295A. Whether anybody dies or gets severely injured but the religious feelings must not get affected. There is also a duty mentioned in the Constitution of India in article 51A (h) to develop the scientific temper, humanism and the spirit of inquiry and reform. But this duty also fades in front of the rights. It is the tendency of the majority of Indians to prefer the rights in front of duties.
  Let us know how the God fear converts into money. Staring off with the rural people – They are helpless people living a miserable life struggling for almost everything. They believe that faith in religion and God could someday change their lives. So they get easily fooled by them who promise them for their betterment. They start considering him to be a Messiah – The God. But every time they get cheated.                          
    In the urban areas, people are too much busy in their work and want to get rid of their troubles instantly. In this case come one miraculous is in high demand who promises them for providing their relief and give a break from all the tensions of life. They have different techniques to attract people.                        
   In case of the statue, there is a different reason. The theists themselves become skeptic when they get tired searching for evidences, so anything that comes in front of them, they start believing it to be as a sign for the existence of God and honesty of their scriptures. 
     And of course at last, the first class Gods. These are just puppets which are controlled by their followers only. They are just meant for hiding their failures in the name of inferiority. These type of Gods are non existing in real lives but are the richest in terms of capital.
  The problem increases when the religions step into the politics and give rise to communalism. When communalism is encouraged, it results into the bloods of thousands of innocent, hardworking people. Majority of the theists don’t know about their religions. But they use their religion to suppress and dominate others. They try to influence their own ideologies on others by force and there comes terrorism. The ones which have a deep relation to political parties don’t get affected by Prevention of Terrorism Act. In India, four out of the six major religions are militant and communal and always possess a threat to society. These four religions and their subgroups are responsible for all the communal riots in India. The other two are ‘waste’ religions. Their books and the God were the masters of explain the topic that How to waste life doing nothing in order to liberate your soul. These ideas are not respected by their followers also and they keep on living their lives happily but do follow the rituals because it is their identity.
  Our politics, votes, ideas, hobbies, interests, views and everything is categorized according to the religious views. What religions have given to India – shame, guilt, terrorism, communalism, riots, disunity, and hatred among the brothers but still the people say that it is ‘good’ to be religious. If this is good then we are happy to remain the worst people. They say that if you would become an Atheist then you would go to a wrong path and get burnt in the hell. We Atheists say that it is far better than to do hell with your life. Who fears your God and his hell! For us only the conscience matters.


  1. I personally believe that the meaning of religion is quite different for you , me and any other citizen of our nation. Actually people moulds its meaning for their own selfish means and needs and the purity of religious law is on the verge of extinction

  2. To be extinct the thing had to exist. Can anyone recall the purity of religious laws. If a religion can't make their followers good and give them the ability to decide right or wrong, then such religion is intolerable

  3. orthodox atheist !

  4. insaf ki dagar me bachcho dikhaao chal ke ye desh hai tumhara neta tumhi ho kal ke.
    kuchh logo ko dekh kar sabhi ko ak jaisa maan lena achchha observation nahi hai.
    dharm nirapeksh aur nastik me kya difference hai? think about it.


  5. why the so many species are found in world for all Animals,Plants and Human beings. give us answer.

    1. Existence of different species doesn't mean that there is a God. See, I don't want to stress on Darwin's philosophy of variation and all that
      When we don’t understand something, then we must not lie down in a cowardly manner and say that it must be supernatural. Instead, our attitude should be- Oh we didn’t understand that, Lets go to work until we do understand it.
      If for you, this question is of top priority which makes you believe in a creator, then you must work for it to understand it better, you must not hide your laziness with a banner of religion.

  6. why you born in India?why not in America?