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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Why Democracy is not suitable for India?

Democracy has been a failure since Independence. Let us understand why Democracy is not suitable for India-
    The democratic elections are not based on the merits or in other words, election is a competition about fooling the citizens of the country. UPSC sets the toughest exams for the selection of executives but for those who direct them, there are no criteria. If there is any problem due to imbalance decisions (which is common) then who is responsible. It is only we who have to suffer every time. The only thing that would happen in a democracy is that there would be just a possibility for that political party to lose in the next elections. But again, Democracy can’t make sure that in the next elections there would be a right party and ultimately it is the people that have to suffer. Democracy says that people can correct their own mistakes but again it can’t make sure that the mistakes would not be repeated and most importantly, why to make such mistakes. Democracy enhances the dignity of citizens by giving equal opportunity for all to vote. In a democracy, we can imagine the standards as just a simple right to vote is increasing the dignity of citizens. Democracy says that elections are a good way to choose the leaders. Let’s consider a case – In a constituency out of hundred people there are forty-nine wise and honest people and the rest are foolish and dishonest people. There are two contestants in the elections, one is good and other one is bad. The wise voted for good and the dishonest voted for bad and simultaneously the bad contestant won. In this case the majority is won. Here, only the majority has won. It means that Democracy can’t make it sure that the decisions that are taken are wise. In a country where only 74% adults know just to read, write and understand in a particular language, how can we expect them to take such mature and sensible decisions? As we know the Indian tendency and conditions, policies that are their rights are treated as big gifts by the people similar to a dog getting bread after many days. And for that also they vote for party. Abraham Lincoln said that Democracy is by the people, of the people and for the people. But in India one thing is for sure that Democracy is neither for the people, of the people. It is just by the majority of the people. They say that people are responsible for their decisions. So it’s clear, that we are first imposed to elect and then the results are also our mistake. Every time only we are wrong not the Democracy. Let the people die but the democratic spirits must not be hampered. This is the scenario of Democracy. What would you prefer Success or Democracy?

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