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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Duties towards the nation

Every person expects some or the other things from the government but is that enough. Isn’t it our duty to return as much as we can to our nation? After all, we are the citizens of this country, we have some responsibilities. But we all are just bothered about our rights. Nobody has a right to criticize anyone if he himself is wrong.
       Many say that the govt. is corrupt. We can’t do anything. We all are trapped in this system. Let it be. But, whose duty it is to show the right path to the government. We citizens of India are all responsible for it. We have many ways which we can shape the decisions but we hesitate to come up. Some wait for one day that would bring a miracle. Some say that we will do something in future. For those people, there is a famous phrase ‘Fursat to mujhe bhi bahut thi desh ke liye magar pet bhar gaya to neend aa gayi’ (I had plenty of time for my nation but when my stomach was full, I felt sleepy). Our country doesn’t have as much danger from terrorists; our own people are responsible for the downfall of this country. These people with slave mentality are burden for all of us. How shameful it is for that country whose citizens themselves are the biggest threat to it.
        When something bad is happening, we just remain spectators, we just know to point out at others and prevent ourselves from getting involved in any problems. In a race to become distinct from others, we are making profits at the cost of our own people. A country runs efficiently not only by the efforts of the people but also when citizens cooperate with them.
         It is not enough that you pay the taxes on time, stand at the time of national anthem and it’s all over. As much as you can give to your nation, you must give. Apart from it, as a citizen, it is your duty to identify every citizen as your brother and sister, to safeguard public property, to constantly achieve and make the nation proud and to defend the country when required.
         The govt. is not doing anything, we all know but despite knowing all these, when we too indulge in such activities, that is nothing else but betrayal with our country.

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