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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Indian Tendency

Indians possess a unique identity all over the world. It depends on their tendency what identity they perceive through. Here Indians are referred to as majority of the people living in India. The first tendency of a typical person in India is prejudice. Majority of Indians are full fledged with this quality. They come to a conclusion before the proceeding begins. This is the reason why new ideas are buried before they come into existence. Secondly, show off, it is a bitter truth that we Indians at present stand nowhere in the world top nations but the people behave as if they all have won the Nobel Prize. The people are still satisfied and proudful of their past. They try to dominate among themselves they try to dominate others by fake boast. The next is lack of foresightedness. T heir decisions result in a disaster. This could be understood when we adopted Democracy after long years of British rule and still the majority have not realized what problems are generated due to this at present and in future. The next is hesitation. This is the most common tendency. Majority of Indians suffer from this drawback. No one takes the courage to lead. They would feel happier to resist terror, humiliation but would never come forward. They hide their cowardice by saying that they belong to respected families. These people don’t have a verdict of their own. They move where the wave leads them. They call them accommodation, I call that cowardice. The next is jealousy. They are happy with their failures but can’t digest anyone’s success. They next is refusing realities. They can’t accept their failures and blame it on other factors, mainly irrelevant resulting in overwhelming irrationality in India. The next is selfishness. They don’t care fow their deeds could affect others. They must not hope for any help from others if it continues to be same. This is the scenario of India; this is the spirit of Indians. If you really want to respect your country, make the country respectful.

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