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Monday, October 14, 2013


India media has always been known for its active participation and coverage from all around. These are good signs for a country. From this point of view it is good but if we see from another perspective the question arises that is the media only limited for telecasting and forwarding the news to the viewers.
The missing part is the sting operations. How can media be completed without this. Media must understand their importance in shaping the ideas of the viewers. The role of the media is not only to directly show the coverage with a tagline “First shown on our channel” but to portray according to the needs and nature of time. They must understand which topic has to be more stressed and focused. They must not focus on irrelevance. They must also give more stress on how a subject would affect the citizens and nation as a whole. The media must not be afraid from anyone. No organization and especially no “sena” could harm the media until it goes wrong.
 If media starts carrying out sting operations then it must definitely have its effect. The culprits then definitely would not trust their own partners, servants etc.  The citizens would then become more powerful as they could threaten the officers for their wrongdoings. Then they would realize that they could pay for it if involved in any wrongdoings. These operations could act as evidence also.
Media must realize how important they are for a country. They must utilize their power in generating nationalism and proud among its people.

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