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Sunday, September 1, 2013


Whistleblower is someone who exposes alleged wrongdoing which includes fraud, corruption or mismanagement in an organization.
Due to fear of death and injury, the whistleblowers hesitate to raise their voice against these corrupts. We should promote them to blow their whistles. Once Central Vigilance Commission started the initiative of reporting the wrongdoings online, the website shows displays the message that the domain is for sale. Not only this one there are many others like this.
The laws must encourage the whistleblower to take up the charge against these transgressors. They should get reward of their courageous efforts. The reforms must include the following factors- Their identities must not be disclosed, there must be facilities for their corruption, and their efforts must not affect their profession.
But what we see in this largest democracy, the authority of making laws resides with them who often break them. When it comes to the promotion of bill demanding for increase in their allowances and facilities, the lenient law makers wouldn’t require even a single minute to be satisfied with the opposition, no disputes no conflicts at all. But when it comes to these types of bill, they remain ‘hanged till death’.

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