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Sunday, August 11, 2013


Overflowing population, struggling economy, irrationality, pitiable law enforcement, ever-increasing crime rates, dirty politics, large scale corruption, unaware citizens, high illiteracy, irresponsible youth, poor infrastructure, conservative culture, struggling economy, unemployment, injustice, terrorism, ineffective leaders, unsatisfied nation. People having more faith on rock idols than anyone else, massive, misogynist’s society, people concerned only about them, people feeling insecure walking and traveling, the rich getting richer and poor getting poorer, unimplemented policies     …………… WHAT ARE WE WAITING FOR? Is there anything else still left for adding up to our achievements? Don’t you think it is a time for a revolution? A revolution which would allow the people to be proud at their present not at the past, to get rid of corruption, to choke the brain drain, to eliminate the feeling of insecurity, to get proper justice on time to everyone, to maintain gender equality, to generate sufficient employment for everyone, to get proper law enforcement, to make a terror free India, to make India self-sufficient, to decrease disparities and maintain equality etc.
But for the revolution we need perfect leaders and it is not a joke to find perfect leaders. But from the past many decades, we are just seeing it as a joke. We need to generate nationalism. We need a change in system through which we can get qualified leaders, who will focus on their work and not on the vote banks. I am not a communist’s supporter but I just want a system based on merits. Every true Indian has to realize that we are lacking in every field and it’s a demand of the time to not to be to egoist about the prosperous Indian history but look at the poor India scenario and make India’s present and future successful through which India could emerge as a superpower.

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