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Sunday, August 25, 2013


Naxals are the militants with an ideology of overthrowing the government with people’s war. Their ultimate objective is to establish peoples rule through a New Democratic Revolution.
They are the oppressed ones who become the prey of the greediness of certain rich people. They are on a mission to take a revenge against this suppression, inequality, poverty, corruption, dirty politics etc prevailing in the society. Their struggle is for your existence and survival.
Although their motive is correct but their method is wrong. We should not use violence. It doesn’t means that we have to starve down until death. We need to protest with a united spirit of replying them back against their offense not for 1 or 2 times but every time when it happens. We have to get rid of our laziness, excuses and unethical behavior because we only realize when it happens with us. If we let these people to do whatever they wish, it would benefit them only.
 But they have no right to kill people according to your wish especially without any evidence. If they kill people recklessly for your funding then it is extortion, then what would be the difference between you and the autocrats.

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