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Sunday, August 18, 2013


Corruption is one of the most common topics in India. Especially from the last 3 years when many campaigns are taking place against it. People supported the initiative on a large scale; few became aware of the means and reasons of corruption; but again like other initiatives it the response was only at the starting, Lawmakers deceived them and the people got satisfied. The reason behind the corruption is that there is a high demand of government efforts and policy implementation for which they are being paid, this high demand is because of large population and struggling economy. The supply of their efforts is inadequate as compared to their allowances. These scabs are encouraged due to our urgency and needs. These scabs get benefited due to flexible laws and lazy law enforcement.
Corruption has been one of the major causes which had negatively affected the Indian economy. Corruption emerges when you don’t listen to your conscience. If we don’t want corruption to prevail, it would not prevail. It is we who encourage corruption. The media should also interfere in it. After all media’s job is not about presenting the news but also to investigate about the issues of the country. The sting operations need to be done. It would add up as evidence. It is the time to realize that corruption would not end on its own but it had to be eradicated by the sufferers of it. Starving for death would not make any difference as the people who don’t listen to their conscience would not be affected by anyone’s life being ruined. The candles would not suffice; it is the time to blow the flames of a revolution.

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