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Monday, August 5, 2013


The aspirations of a true Indian has always been about the unity of their brothers and sisters. India, to turn into a prosperous nation requires teamwork of its citizen and work together as a unit. But the problem is division mentality.
It’s not that only colonial powers divided and ruled on us, our so called representatives are doing the same and that to on large scale. This fragmentation of society is major weapon for these so called representatives for vote banks. They divide us on the basis of religion, race, caste, region and the trail goes on like this. The shameful thing about this is that majority of people agree with them and these dividers are successful in their task.  They set their focus on the background of the people, not on the. These patients of hypermetropia are not concerned about their failures but are jealous about the success of so called other people of other self proclaimed communities.
 India’s strength lies in the unity of its family members. In simple words if you compete with your brothers it is the loss of your family only, no one else but if you compete with others then it would benefit you only. Just keep the fact in mind that you are representing your country on an International level. Let your family be proud of your efforts. Every effort counts a lot!
If you can’t be a nationalist, then you don’t have the authority to criticize India and if possible for you, feel guilty of yourself!

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