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Sunday, August 25, 2013


Naxals are the militants with an ideology of overthrowing the government with people’s war. Their ultimate objective is to establish peoples rule through a New Democratic Revolution.
They are the oppressed ones who become the prey of the greediness of certain rich people. They are on a mission to take a revenge against this suppression, inequality, poverty, corruption, dirty politics etc prevailing in the society. Their struggle is for your existence and survival.
Although their motive is correct but their method is wrong. We should not use violence. It doesn’t means that we have to starve down until death. We need to protest with a united spirit of replying them back against their offense not for 1 or 2 times but every time when it happens. We have to get rid of our laziness, excuses and unethical behavior because we only realize when it happens with us. If we let these people to do whatever they wish, it would benefit them only.
 But they have no right to kill people according to your wish especially without any evidence. If they kill people recklessly for your funding then it is extortion, then what would be the difference between you and the autocrats.

Sunday, August 18, 2013


Corruption is one of the most common topics in India. Especially from the last 3 years when many campaigns are taking place against it. People supported the initiative on a large scale; few became aware of the means and reasons of corruption; but again like other initiatives it the response was only at the starting, Lawmakers deceived them and the people got satisfied. The reason behind the corruption is that there is a high demand of government efforts and policy implementation for which they are being paid, this high demand is because of large population and struggling economy. The supply of their efforts is inadequate as compared to their allowances. These scabs are encouraged due to our urgency and needs. These scabs get benefited due to flexible laws and lazy law enforcement.
Corruption has been one of the major causes which had negatively affected the Indian economy. Corruption emerges when you don’t listen to your conscience. If we don’t want corruption to prevail, it would not prevail. It is we who encourage corruption. The media should also interfere in it. After all media’s job is not about presenting the news but also to investigate about the issues of the country. The sting operations need to be done. It would add up as evidence. It is the time to realize that corruption would not end on its own but it had to be eradicated by the sufferers of it. Starving for death would not make any difference as the people who don’t listen to their conscience would not be affected by anyone’s life being ruined. The candles would not suffice; it is the time to blow the flames of a revolution.

Sunday, August 11, 2013


Overflowing population, struggling economy, irrationality, pitiable law enforcement, ever-increasing crime rates, dirty politics, large scale corruption, unaware citizens, high illiteracy, irresponsible youth, poor infrastructure, conservative culture, struggling economy, unemployment, injustice, terrorism, ineffective leaders, unsatisfied nation. People having more faith on rock idols than anyone else, massive, misogynist’s society, people concerned only about them, people feeling insecure walking and traveling, the rich getting richer and poor getting poorer, unimplemented policies     …………… WHAT ARE WE WAITING FOR? Is there anything else still left for adding up to our achievements? Don’t you think it is a time for a revolution? A revolution which would allow the people to be proud at their present not at the past, to get rid of corruption, to choke the brain drain, to eliminate the feeling of insecurity, to get proper justice on time to everyone, to maintain gender equality, to generate sufficient employment for everyone, to get proper law enforcement, to make a terror free India, to make India self-sufficient, to decrease disparities and maintain equality etc.
But for the revolution we need perfect leaders and it is not a joke to find perfect leaders. But from the past many decades, we are just seeing it as a joke. We need to generate nationalism. We need a change in system through which we can get qualified leaders, who will focus on their work and not on the vote banks. I am not a communist’s supporter but I just want a system based on merits. Every true Indian has to realize that we are lacking in every field and it’s a demand of the time to not to be to egoist about the prosperous Indian history but look at the poor India scenario and make India’s present and future successful through which India could emerge as a superpower.

Monday, August 5, 2013


The aspirations of a true Indian has always been about the unity of their brothers and sisters. India, to turn into a prosperous nation requires teamwork of its citizen and work together as a unit. But the problem is division mentality.
It’s not that only colonial powers divided and ruled on us, our so called representatives are doing the same and that to on large scale. This fragmentation of society is major weapon for these so called representatives for vote banks. They divide us on the basis of religion, race, caste, region and the trail goes on like this. The shameful thing about this is that majority of people agree with them and these dividers are successful in their task.  They set their focus on the background of the people, not on the. These patients of hypermetropia are not concerned about their failures but are jealous about the success of so called other people of other self proclaimed communities.
 India’s strength lies in the unity of its family members. In simple words if you compete with your brothers it is the loss of your family only, no one else but if you compete with others then it would benefit you only. Just keep the fact in mind that you are representing your country on an International level. Let your family be proud of your efforts. Every effort counts a lot!
If you can’t be a nationalist, then you don’t have the authority to criticize India and if possible for you, feel guilty of yourself!