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Sunday, July 21, 2013

The Horrifying Education System

NCERT syllabus is making an unwanted base for students. They are just imposing a theoretical environment on students. They are just bounding the students and their capabilities to a certain extent. Education in India is accepted as a competition not as a medium of gaining knowledge. If a child has an interest and innovation for a particular topic he cannot concentrate on that topic because he has to give attention to all other topics which is out of his interest. He is compelled to be a part of this unproductive system. Policy makers don't about those who want to make their career outside the education field. Also about the sports persons. The real innovators also cannot afford to become school dropout for their further research nor can they compete with those robots. Simultaneously they choose Suicide as the way to get rid of this frustration. Rest of them drains their brains to abroad. When those people become successful there, we proudly say that they were of Indian origin. Because of this system the future of India – Youths have lost their individual verdict. The trend of having engineering, MBBS or CA or IAS as the ambition is a result of the loss of individual verdict. These people not only ruin their own life but simultaneously life of others also. Education nowadays is also transformed into business. Coaching classes promises students of ranks and percentages but do they assure students of generating innovation.
When a teacher tells students that how a certain theory solves a problem, the result would be students coming with the different ways of solving problems through that theory or similar theories but when a teacher tells about the concepts  and their practical utility students would come up with different applications. What do we prefer - definitely applications as what are the use of a theory if it could not have results. We need not require robots or cyborgs, we need humans. We don’t need workers, we need innovators. If the schools, guardians and students themselves are result oriented, then they must check their results in practical field and applications of knowledge not the theoretical one. Introduction to practical knowledge and telling the utility of topics could increase innovation among students. Also, the use of technology could add up in increasing innovators.

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