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Saturday, July 13, 2013

An open letter to Irrational Indians

Any belief that is not reasonable is a superstition. Irrationals who believe in horoscopes, I want to ask them that if you already know that tomorrow will be a happy day then jump in front of a running train because you know that it won’t harm you. Does every ritual perfect deed will have a positive result? I and many other people who don’t believe in your customs should have burnt in hell, why we are still alive. Why you not go for a ban on water purifiers as they affect your religious feelings because your holy rivers are already pure. Why do you require 5-6 children to realize that it not depends on child to bring good luck? Why don’t you ask your God directly for your well being, what is the use of performing rituals. Will a Kundli match leads to your children live a comfortable life. Just give us the reason why your God needs sacrifice from you and why do you still follow these customs despite of not having any positive results. Who assures you about the success that will come to you through these rituals? Just ask your jagirdar (God) that will he come to save you during a disaster. If every think happens according to your God then why don’t you blame your God?
Pollution in India is not limited to only air, water or land, but the most dangerous pollution in front of us are you – Irrationals! Stop these nonsense you fools because it is because of you we are unable to develop, our rivers are ruined, our countries economy is affected, we Indians have our reputation ruined.

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