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Friday, June 21, 2013

Secularism or Atheism

Disputes among religions are a major cause of terrorism, riots, conflicts and wars. Secularity can give only diversity, disunity etc. There is nothing like God. God is just a fictional character used by a certain group of people to promote their laws, ideologies, prejudices, in the society for their self benefits. The simple fact is that if God created us then who created God. Religions divide people and secularity divide religious population. Do we humans need a religion to guide us what we should do. Is our conscience dead? Who are religions to disunite us, who are religions to hamper our fraternity? Who is there God judge us. Religions just make a person emotionally weak as it is often complained by followers that their religious feelings are harmed when an Atheist says something true. Crime still happens despite the existence of religions. What is the use of religion if it doesn't have an impact on its followers? Or else your so called God lacks the potential to stop them.
    On the other hand Atheism is a belief that God doesn't exist. We (Atheists) are not egoists but are better than the religious population because we believe in ourselves and reality. We don't need religions to guide us because we have our conscience which will help us to decide what is right. Was anybody born with their religion? Then what is the need of religion in our lives.
   Many religions say that Atheists will come to a brutal end. I wonder why I and many other Atheists are still in a better condition and why many of the religious people are struggling for one time bread. Many religions say that everything happens according to God but why don't they criticize their God when a bad event happens. Are we humans are God's slaves that whatever he wishes we will do? Both theists and Atheists could achieve anything if it is possible for them, then why to follow religions which only have a negative impact on you? Why not Atheism who doesn't wants anything in return?

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