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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Indian Democratic Elections

A review of Indian elections
Elections are the most common topic in India. Elections take place every five years. Is election the suitable way to find out who is appropriate for all of us? For example-If we are imposed to ‘elect’ from two options one teaspoon full of arsenic and other teaspoon full of cyanide, which one will you choose. The simple topic I want to focus today is that our elections have been imposed on us, we are bound to select what we have been granted, No matter whether they are eligible for us or not. Whether we know it or not whether we are convinced or not we are obliged to be a part of elections. They could make majority even with 51%, what about the 49% of population. Aren’t they a part of population. Is everyone casting a vote is eligible to judge a candidate. Our Judiciary takes a decade to solve a case with many evidences, proceedings, witnesses, investigation , does attaining the age of 18 makes a person eligible to judge a person whether he is right or wrong. Is it unfair to conduct the toughest examination for the selection of an IAS and no qualification for the person in an election but just being 25 years of age. Can a person without the knowledge can make law which is beneficial even for that 51%. Democracy gives a solution that if you are unhappy with the performance of the representative you have the right to change him after 5 years. What is the guarantee that next time you will get a perfect representative of your choice? And one of the biggest problems of Democracy is -Setting up a qualification for both voters and candidates is against the spirits of Democracy. So just think and ask your conscience that, ‘Can we rely on Democracy and our Honorable representatives for a developed India?’Aren’t we in an urgent need of a new constitution which does not elects but selects the government with a fixed criteria.
-          Ayush.


  1. Nice blogs
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